Gladius LLC has built best-in-class military & veteran hiring programs for Fortune 500 companies. We develop the strategy, design metrics, create scorecards, and train hiring managers and HR personnel on the values of hiring a veteran.

Gladius has long recognized the unique value that veterans bring to our customers. The military community presents a self-replenishing pool of highly skilled, highly trained, and uniquely experienced candidates who are well-qualified to support a variety of employment opportunities.

Recruiting military personnel and their spouses is nothing new to Gladius. 

​​Beyond proven professional skill sets, veterans tend to possess advanced soft skills, such as:

Discipline – The discipline learned in the armed forces translates well to the business world. Candidates are responsible, team-oriented, results-focused, and highly motivated to build an effective career outside of the military.

Education – Roughly half of transitioning veterans have a college degree, with 75% of those aged 18–34, and many with extensive military training.

Leadership – Highly resourceful, veterans can work autonomously, perform exceptionally under pressure, and improvise on a moment’s notice.

Adaptability – Veterans have a strong work ethic, fierce determination, and the personal maturity to remain flexible in completing any assignment.

Veterans represent a very diverse population—with active-duty military comprising about 21% women, 21% African-American, 12% Hispanic, and 10% from other diverse groups.

We will put together a program which aims to:

  • Formulate a robust veterans hiring strategy for your organization
  • Attract and retain veterans
  • Source the highest quality veterans for your organization
  • Streamline the on boarding procedure for veterans
  • Develop a candidate pool of future leaders in your organization
  • Create a community of peers who understand the military-to-private sector transition and support    veterans joining your organization
  • Create a Peer mentor program which allows veterans to flourish in an organization
  • Encourage and celebrate your employee veterans who serve in the military reserves
  • Retain your top talent veteran employees
  • Support external organizations that help veterans as they return home

 Our services are completely flexible and tailored to match our clients' needs. While we offer a number of methods for candidate delivery, our specialty is creating a program unique to each of the organizations we support.